The Yearning – Romances for Alto Flute (1993)

Featured Track: “Indigo Sunset”

Featuring extraordinary performances by Tim Wheater (alto flute) and photographs by E.O. Hoppe.

Voted by Stereo Review Editor as Best Album.

One of the most romantic and beautifully conceived releases ever, The Yearning joins composer/keyboardist Michael Hoppe with flautist extraordinaire Tim Wheater, whose musical musings are starting to appear on a striking number of releases. Subtitled Romances for Alto Flute, this release even has a story behind it. Hoppe’s grandfather, the preeminent E.O. Hoppe (1878-1972), photographed many of the most famous and charismatic members of his generation, and his photos have a uniquely tactile and humane quality. Included are Queen Elizabeth, Marlene Dietrich, Mary Pickford, Princess White Deer and eight other celebrated women. The melodically seductive compositions, all written by Michael Hoppe, provide a perfect vehicle for Wheater’s expressive playing. The romantic ballads combine with the 32-page booklet to delight and fill the senses. The exquisite lyricism and healing elements heard in the music are suggestive of the most passionate of love songs, overflowing with the qualities of tenderness, intimacy and, above all, yearning.

– Review by Allmusic

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