My Wife, Monica Hoppé

Monica and Michael in New York, 1981

My Daughter RebeccaThe talented photographer behind many of my classic album covers

Rebecca Hoppe Photography (Facebook)

By my son OliverCreating masterful works in oil pastels

My Grandfather: E.O. HoppeWorld renowned photographer

Emil Otto Hoppé (14 April 1878 – 9 December 1972) was a German-born British portrait, travel, and topographic photographer active between 1907 and 1945. Hoppé was one of the most important photographic artists of his era and highly celebrated in his time. Rarely in the history of the medium has a photographer been so famous in his own lifetime among the general public. He was as famous as his sitters. It is difficult to think of a prominent name in the fields of politics, art, literature, and the theatre who did not pose for his camera.

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E.O. Hoppé Collection

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San Miguel de Allende Artist who painted “Amistad”

Richard Hoppé:


Tim Wheater:
Multi Instrumentalist

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Martin Tillman
Cellist and composer.