Welcome to my site, I am delighted you  have dropped  by!

Those of you who are already familiar with my music, will know it is very much from the heart,  for the heart… Over the years I have  had the  privilege to record with some  extraordinarily gifted  performers  who  have  helped my music reach a sense of beauty I only imagined in my dreams.

I hope you enjoy  listening to  their wonderful contributions.

~ Michael Hoppé

About Michael Hoppé

Michael Hoppé is a GRAMMY nominated composer with an exceptional melodic talent, and distinctive evocative style. He has an extensive background in both pop and classical music which his recordings reflect.

Hoppé’s music is performed and heard internationally including HBO’s “The Sopranos”Oprah Winfrey Show, Michael Moore’s documentary “Sicko”, David Volach’s “My Father, My Lord”, “Misunderstood” (starring Gene Hackman), and the multi-award winning short “Eyes of the Wind” which reached the Oscar nomination short list.

Also, there are over 9,000 videos utilizing his music on YouTube.

His music is extensively used by such renowned authors/teachers as the celebrated environmentalist Jane Goodall, Julia Cameron (“The Artist’s Way”), Sarah Breathnach (“Simple Abundance”), Robert Cooper (“The Emotional Intelligence”), and others, in their workshops.

Hoppé’s music has been recorded by a variety of singers and instrumentalists including Vangelis, the Prague Symphony, Tim Wheater, Martin Tillman, Zamfir, Frank Mills, Eliza Gilkyson, Cecilia, Louise Di Tullio, Lou Anne Neill, Eugene Fodor, Lily Haydn, Heidi Fielding, Dwain Briggs, Alyssa Park, Libbie Jo Snyder, Mitsuki Dazai, Joe Powers, AnDee Compton, Giuditta Scorceletti, Janinto, Pedro Cartas, David Mendoza, Alfredo Muro and others.

His endeavors in the music industry have brought him several gold and platinum records, and “The Yearning” won “CD OF THE YEAR”, and “Afterglow” was voted Best Album for the Crossroad Music Award, for the AFIM Award, and featured as a pick in The Oprah Magazine in 2013.

Also “The Lover “won the Visionary Award, and Hoppé’s GRAMMY Award nominated CD “Solace” was featured in Clint Eastwood’s ‘Flags of our Fathers’ documentary. “Solace” was also voted as “30 Greatest New Age Albums of All Time” by the influential New Age Review.

After “How Do I Love Thee?” an album of love poems narrated by Michael York, Hoppé recorded “Requiem”, a solo piano album “Romances”, and “Nostalgie” Romances for Harmonica featuring Joe Powers.

Hoppé has performed in Korea numerous times, and performed his Requiem in Prague.

He scored the multi-award winning Short Film “Nous Deux Encore” which won Best Score Award at the International Monaco Film Festival. The music features Mitsuki Dazai the virtuoso koto player with whom Hoppé produced “Far Away…” Romances for Koto.

Releases include “Nightingale” songs sung by Giuditta Scorceletti, “Serenity” Viola and Keyboard Improvisations with Harold Moses, (2014 Top Pick by reviewer Kathy Parsons, and Best album 2014 New Age Review), “Grace” (2013 Top Pick by reviewer Kathy Parsons) “Tapestry”, and “Prayers-A Personal Selection” (Audie Award nomination) read by Michael York, and “Café Champagne” (performed and arranged by Scarlet Rivera and Tommy Eyre)

Recent releases include “Amistad”, “Peace & Reconciliation”, “By Myself”, and “Beneath Mexican Stars

Previously, Hoppé founded InterConnection Resources, a music business consultancy.  He was also a senior executive at PolyGram responsible for signing such diverse talents as Vangelis, Kitaro, The Who, Jean-Michel Jarre and ABBA to the label.



Beneath Mexican Stars-Orchestral, Violin, Piano Trio, and Haegeum

By Myself*-Solo Piano

Peace & Reconciliation* *-SATB choir with String Quartet

Amistad*-Violin, Guitar, Harmonica and Keyboards

Serenity-Viola & Keyboard Improvisations

Grace* Cello, Piano and Vocals

Requiem* Cello, Clarinet, Violin, Soprano, Tenor and Keyboards

Tapestry*Prague Symphony, Violin, Koto, Piano and Vocals

Nostalgie* Romances for Harmonica

Rarities Vol. 1 (MP3 Downloads only)

Romances For Solo Piano*

Solace * Prague Symphony, Cello, Violin, Guitar, Vocals, Vangelis

Prayers-A Personal Selection

Far Away…Romances for Koto

Two Eagles Soaring Haiku set to music

Dreams That Cannot Die Longfellow’s poems set to music

The Yearning* Romances for Alto Flute

The Dreamer* Romances for Alto Flute Vol. 2

The Poet* Romances for Cello

Quiet Storms* Romances for Flute & Harp

Homeland* Themes, Waltz & Song

Simple Pleasures Piano Songs

Wind Songs Flute and Keyboard Improvisations

Nightingale Songs

Afterglow Cello, Flute and Keyboard Improvisations

The Unforgetting Heart*Themes for Flute, Viola, Flute and Keyboards

Beloved A Musical Tribute to The Queen Mother

The Lover Carl Sandburg’s poems set to music

How Do I Love Thee? Love poems set to music

Café Champagne Swing to Palm Court

Heaven and Earth Vocals and Orchestra

Misunderstood soundtrack


* With sheet music