Solace (2003)

Featured Tracks: “This Majestic Land” and Romance for Violin & Orchestra”

Grammy nominated album featuring an array of talent from the Prague Symphony to Vangelis.

Michael Hoppe’s exceptional, award-winning album offers a profound emotional voyage from the first song to the last, gliding from one heartfelt piece to the next with stunning, effortless transitions. With the aid of the Prague Symphony, Hoppe creates a sense of an elevated consciousness without losing a shred of musicianship. Hoppe’s fine compositional ear is the backbone behind his grand, cinematic aural storytelling. Like human life itself, SOLACE moves constantly forward, but is dotted with bittersweet moments that Hoppe sees as divine. The yearning, bellowing cello on “So You” builds into the pure, transcendent joy of “Renouncement,” and comes to rest on a kind of ghostly, majestic finale with “The Parting,” featuring Vangelis.

– Review by AllMusic

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