Nocturne in Blue (2023)

Copyright 2023 Michael Hoppe

Featured Track: “Nocturne in Blue” (for cello and orchestra)

Featured Track: “Dreaming in Blue & Yellow” (violin & keyboards version)

NOCTURNE IN BLUE consists of a collection of instrumentals recorded in my home studio in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and two orchestral pieces recorded in Macedonia over Zoom.

The title track has become one of my personal favorite compositions, and I am delighted “Nocturne in Blue” and other tracks, have been performed so beautifully by my friend, violinist David Mendoza here in San Miguel, and cellist Kristian Chernev in Macedonia. Thank you, both of you for your beautiful performances. 

I am also very delighted to include a most touching version of “Love Remains” arranged and performed by Sehwan Park(piano) and Gloria Kim (cello). I would like to thank my friend Emiliano Cadena for his outstanding vocals on “Siempre”. He and his production team, including the legendary arranger Gustavo A. Santiago, transformed one of my songs (“Forever”) into an exceptional track to conclude this album. The song is dedicated with deepest love to his son Jose Antonio Solano Ramirez (1997-2023)

Michael Hoppe,

San Miguel de Allende. (c) 2023

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