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2017 Seoul, South Korea

My wife and I were invited by my Korean record company Huks Music to perform concerts in and around Seoul. This was our 7th trip back to Seoul, and the most memorable. The 2 part interview by the incomparable Priestess Jung-Mok will give you a good idea, of our wonderful time, and performing with with…

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Solace & Romances on Vinyl

May I introduce Richie Wang of Serenity Records, Taiwan… We first met on Facebook, and then our new acquaintance resulted in Richie bringing out 2 of my albums “Solace” and “Romances” (and with more to come) on top-of-the-line vinyl. His packaging is both superb and extraordinarily deluxe… I have never seen my music so wonderfully…

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Heart to Heart

I have been blessed in my lifetime with many gifts for which I am grateful but none more than an early instinct to create music. This has inspired and guided me since I was a young boy in London searching through the structure and discipline of classical music and technique, to find my own voice…

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